I don't care how long you have been riding a motorcycle. There is always something you can learn that can possibly keep you alive. Here's something that may interest you.

You're invited to join others on Saturday, June 7, at a site to be determined to watch a video called "Ride Like A Pro," which is done by Jerry "The Motorman" Palladino, who has forgotten more about motorcycle skills and safety than most of us will ever know.

With more bikes on the road it's always a good idea to keep yourself safe with better skills, and for the new riders, this should be a mandatory day to watch this video and practice some of the simple and basic skills. Keep in mind that even knowing how to do a basic maneuver can save your life, and/or the life of your passenger.

All skill levels are welcome so please plan on attending the short day and bring all the friends you can. For more information, you will need to visit the event page and let them know you are interested so they can plan accordingly. Just click on the big red link below and you will be magically whisked away to the proper location.