Happy Mother's Day to my circle of angels. While I have only 4-legged babies, moms have happily shared their little ones with me, I've taken advantage of every opportunity to hold newborns, to help a toddler with first steps, color pictures, tell and hear stories, and to watch them grow and blossom.

I am blessed with eight nieces and most have little ones of their own now. I remind them that I changed their diapers and for that they owe me big time, and they giggle and agree.
These girls share my blood and my heart and my soul.

One thing their grandmother did for them was to leave my bedroom just as it was when
I lived at home.  Red shag carpet, record player, 45's, and  the closet full of gowns.
The little girls love playing dress up, pageant style. They still tell me about the fun they
had in Aunt Susie's room.  It's no wonder I'm a favored aunt :).

My mother passed away on Mother's Day in 2011 at 86 years old. I am more and more like her every day.  I thank her for making me strong and kind and for all the lessons I learned from her example.  She set the bar pretty high. My sisters Sheryl and Nancy became
excellent mothers as well, in fact, they were little 'moms' to me at 14 and 7 years old when I was born.

Happy Mother's Day to my friends who have raised babies, some the 4 legged or even feathered variety.
Friends like Kitty are gifts every day for many reasons including this gift she gave me.

Susan Moore, TSM