There is a point where hazing and messing around turns into something much worse. For those who don't think being bullied doesn't count, are dead wrong.

As a kid I was lucky. Morgan Frazier, not so much.  I never really got picked on and being bullied was never a thing in my childhood.  Things are different in today's world.  There are many reasons that people will give on why are kids aren't as tough as we were and it's a debate that could go on for a lifetime.

Bottom line, serious bullying can be devastating to the point of suicide but many just carry it with them for life and many times molds who they become and shape their character. It was never cool and still isn't.

The effects of bullying and the tragedies it can leave behind in today’s world must end.  We made this video in an effort to get parents, kids and educators talking about the reality of this issue and to teach kids that suicide is not an option.  One child lost is one too many - Morgan Frazier

Thanks Morgan for a great video and even better message.  We hope you'e doing well and feel free to call in anytime and we'll discuss the video.