There is nothing like letting yourself go to the beat of the music. When you think no one is watching and you just let yourself go is usually when someone walks in. No need to feel embarrassed, just shake your sillies out. It feels so good. I learn this from my grandson who shows me a new dance move every day. He believes he can moonwalk. He will start walking backwards moving his arms back and forth like a robot and claims he is moonwalking. It is just adorable.

Sometimes it is good to wear protective gear when you are dancing. I guess this applies more for the people who are around you when you are dancing. Here is a great example. This mom was letting go and doing some twerking around the house when she leveled her little daughter with a big ol butt slap. The kid could use a helmet. I cannot watch this without laughing. Today I am going to go home and twerk Zander to the carpet.