Well, it's October 1st and our Government has effectively shut down, hundreds of National Parks have been closed including the War Memorials in Washington D.C.  That however, did not stop a Mississippi Honor Flight crew from visiting anyway.

I would first like to say thanks to Leo Shane (@LeoShane) of Stars and Stripes and Terry Leonard for letting me share some of these pictures. For a complete gallery you can visit their website by clicking the link above.

Twitter, Lachlan Markay @lachlan

Today, over 800,000 employees were sent home with no idea on when lawmakers will reach an agreement on a budget, something they have been fighting over for way too long; mostly on issues with Obamacare.

That didn't stop over 80 Veterans from Mississippi!  These hero's poured off of 4 buses and headed for the barricades, some in wheelchairs, and knocked and kicked them out of the way.


Park Police were summoned to the area and although they did tell tourists that the park was still closed, they did nothing to stop the war veterans from paying their respects.

I guess it's nice to know that not all the Government officials in Washington D.C. are sleazy as I readily applaud these officers for doing the right thing.  For the entire story and picture gallery please visit the Stars and Stripes website (Click Here) and for the dummies like me, get all the answers on what a "shutdown" entails by clicking the red link below.