Here is some amazing video of two guys trying to save a deer from drowning after the two bucks had locked up. One was already dead and the other would be a well if someone didn't step in to help.

A veterinarian was alerted to the fact that two deer were in a river; one was already dead and the other was going to die if someone didn't try and help. The vet grabbed his son and took off to try and help.

The idea was to try and saw off one of the antlers on the deer that had already died (by drowning I presume) so the other could live. Some of the comments on the video I found to be ridiculous. Many said this was very inhumane and how cruel it was. One even went as far as to mention how painful it must be to saw off an antler.

Would someone please remind her that dead animals don't feel anything. (Not to mention an antler is much like a fingernail.)

The bottom line was that these men did what they had to do, to save the other dear. The other option was to let them both die I guess. What is more humane vs. inhumane?  The "axe" was only used after one of the guys couldn't get an antler sawed all the way through so he tried to knock it loose with the fat end of the axe, not the blade.