My wife and I love to go out to eat. It is one of our favorite things to do. The other night we decided to finally go and try The Melting Pot in Fort Collins. I have always resisted going there because I am very impatient and didn't think I would be able to sit without fussing waiting for fondue. I was so wrong.

Why did I wait so long to go there? It was a wonderful meal with exceptional service. I am one who believes service is more important than the food. If you make me comfortable and feel like you are happy to have me there, I can put up with less than excellent food. In the case of The Melting Pot, I got great food and service. They did it right.

The night started with a delicious mix of breads and apples to dip in the cheese fondue. AWESOME! The main course was fantastic, wonderful meats and veggies that you can cook to perfection right at your table. I learned that if you holler "hey what's that!", someone at your table will look and see what you are pointing at, and you can steal some of their meat. Dessert was just ridiculous, all sorts of Rice Krispie treats, brownies and such to dip in a delicious chocolate fondue. By the end of dessert I found the chocolate covered spoon to be one of my favorites.

Just a warning, this is a long night. Dinner took over 3 hours but the time just flew by. It is important to go with people you enjoy because being trapped at a table with people you aren't sure you like for 3 hours can be tough. It could be like playing 18 holes of golf with a co-worker you don't enjoy. There are very few things I can do for 3 hours but eating is one of them. If you are looking for that special place for a special night out, I would highly recommend this gem in Fort Collins. I will be back