We have recently been playing an ad here on K99 called "Mayor Against Guns" that seems to have irritated more than a few listeners; many of them long time listeners. I am here to explain why your comments are wrong. Hear me out on the gun control thing.

I have no problem saying that I am 100% against any kind of gun control. I am an American Citizen and I have every right to protect myself and my family and if I feel so inclined, I may even help my neighbors if they need it. I will be damned if someone is going to tell me I can't protect my life and liberty at all costs.

That brings me to the radio ad we are running called "Mayors Against Guns." I have personally received many emails, phone calls and also fielded a few via our FB pages etc.

I feel your anger folks!  First time I heard the ad it was on my show and I had to stop what I was doing to make sure I had heard what I just heard. I couldn't believe it.  But I didn't threaten to quit my job and walk away instead I laughed at the comedy of the whole thing.

This is no different a debate as a Republican or Democratic presidential debate. There are (typically) two sides.  Both sides run radio ads to get you to believe and take their side.  What's the difference? And do you know how many Mayors in Colorado are in on this?  8 and none from Northern Colorado.

And I find it ironic that "Colorado Citizens Protecting Our Constitution" was running counter ads for a long time and not one person complaining about "Mayors Against Guns" has even heard it. Really?  So now your not going to listen to K99 anymore because we gave them what is called "equal opportunity?"  (It's a law)  So, the irony is that the pro-gun side were running ads before and at the same time the anti-gun folks were; their contract has since expired so now all anyone hears are the anti-gun side.

Friends, stop thinking with your ears and start thinking with facts.  We as a radio station, like every other radio station, will always have a neutral position on everything and would never endorse one side of anything, ever.  If you are choosing to not listen to K99 anymore, please make it a decision that bears more weight than what ads we play; it doesn't mean we believe in anything one way or the other or support it.

In closing, the other question is "why is your station the only one I hear it on?"  That is because when these big National agencies buy a market to run ads in they pick stations based on ratings and K99 has been the #1 station in the market for years so you will always hear ads on K99 that you may never hear on other stations you may listen to.

Again, those are just facts.

So you're pissed about it...so am I!  Just do what you did when you heard those pesky ads that lied about your Presidential candidate...we got through that and we'll get through this. Just please remember, this is not my decision so sending me personal emails and phone calls that are less than nice is not only childish but very unprofessional.

Just so we're clear.  : )