Yes,  this sentence really did come out of my daughter last night as we were driving home from the movies; "Maybe the world just smells like poo".

I don't know if you smelt Northern Colorado yesterday, but for me it smelled like dog poo all day at work. Every time I went to fill my water bottle I couldn't help but smell dog poo, at first I didn't really understand what that horrible smell was then it hit me, dog poo! A few people had their office windows open, ah-ha! And just to be clear, yes, I did do a sniff test past the bathrooms. Sorry, but when you smell something foul its important to find the source, this is common-right?

On the way home I had my window down, hoping to get some fresh air. Hoping is as far as I got with the fresh air, it still smelled like dog poo. FYI- I have seen signs around Fort Collins for poo pickers, maybe some folks should write that number down.

There Is a Difference in Poo Smells

Later in the evening we decided to go to the movies at Metrolux in Loveland, it was time to see Mirror Mirror. On the way Ashley said it smelled funny, the air smelled like poo. I told her of my day of dog poo in the nose and she said it smelled more like cow poo or horse poo ( I am not getting into the differences in the smells of each, bet Susan Moore would have a word or two for us on that) I smelt it too, but couldn't put my nose on it, just agreed that it smelled.

On the way home from our movie, by the way, I would give Mirror Mirror 2 popcorn buckets, Ashley would give it closer to 4 and Colton was just happy to have a soda and popcorn. Where was I, Oh... on the way home it again smelled like poo and that's when it happened, that's when Ashley said "Maybe the world just smells like poo"! She went into a deep discussion about the moon and its recent fullness maybe affecting the environment and blah blah... She can be a funny kid!

Sometimes It Just Smells Like Poo

In conclusion I just wanted to say, yesterday smelled like poo! And again to remind you to pick up your dog poo... some may say poo is poo, but dog poo just smells bad on a hot day. Cow poo smells like money-every time... at least that's what my grandpa used to say.

Here's to a poo free day!