Get ready for a nice icy snowy blast this weekend here in Northern Colorado.  Just be glad we don't live on the East coast but if you plan on flying, you may have to re-schedule.

The stars are again in alignment it seems as two nasty storm systems are expected to collide across the Northeast on Friday and creating what could be a "historic blizzard."

This beast is expected to drop at least a foot of snow in the New York area and possibly up to 3 feet in Boston.  Yes, feet, not inches.  In fact, as of today, over 1500 flights have already been cancelled so if you are planning on flying to the East coast this weekend you are strongly advised to check with DIA before heading to the airport.

Logan Airport in Boston has already announced they will be shut down from Friday through late Saturday, at least.  Weather forecasters ares saying this storm could be comparable, it not worse, than the one they faced in 1978 that left thousands stranded on roadways and killed several.