Mason Street in Downtown has reopened to two-way traffic from Laurel Street to Maple Street. After extensive road work this summer, the previously northbound, one-way street now has one lane of northbound traffic, one lane of southbound traffic and an isolated railroad track in the center of the road. The section of Mason Street between Maple and Cherry Streets will reopen the week of September 17 following continued construction work.

In addition to two-way traffic, travelers will notice a few changes:

  • Narrower northbound lane due to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) safety regulations and right of way requirements.
  • On-street parking— some spaces were eliminated to accommodate traffic turn lanes, but parking is available on north and south bound lanes.
  • New turn lanes—please be aware of new dedicated left turn lanes.
  • Shared lanes—these areas are marked with a “sharrow”, a double-chevron stripe over a bicycle. Share the road; arrive to your destination safely.

MAX is on the Way!

The conversion to Mason Street in Downtown is in preparation of MAX Bus Rapid Transit service. When complete, MAX will travel with vehicles on Mason Street in Downtown; it continues south in its own dedicated guideway on the east side of the BNSF railroad tracks until Drake. At the intersection, MAX merges with traffic and travels with vehicles on McClelland Avenue until Horsetooth. South of Horsetooth, MAX is again in its dedicated guideway all the way to the South Transit Center. Now through early 2014 construction is underway to make MAX service a reality! Learn more at