Can you imagine being held in a jail cell for two years because they forgot about you?  Well it sounds too odd to be true, but it actually happened.

But fret not if this happens because it could be worth millions, just ask Stephen Slevin, now 59 years old, who just wasted the last 22 months thank to a botched system in New Mexico.  This is almost too bizarre to believe but according to Slevin's attorney he said in 2008,

Mr Slevin went to jail in August 2005 as 'a well nourished, physically healthy adult,' but emerged with a long beard, bed sores, bad teeth and weighing just 133 pounds in June 2007, according to the lawsuit.  Jailers separated Slevin from other inmates because of his history of mental illness. - Albuquerque civil rights attorney Matthew Coyte.

The charges of driving while intoxicated and receiving a stolen vehicle were never even prosecuted.  He was basically thrown into solitary confinement and forgotten about,literally. Slevin originally won a $22 Million dollar settlement but New Mexico official appealed.  They are now willing to drop their appeals if he will agree to a  $15 Million dollar payout. (Read Entire Story Here.)

Time for today's "scruples" question:  Would you be willing to sacrifice two years of life for sitting in jail and basically forgotten about?  Me?  Where do I sign up?