We love bringing in up and coming artists in our New From Nashville series that we host at The Boot Grill in Loveland. Usually the shows are in the middle of the week, and often feature artists that you've only heard on K99 in the weeks leading up to the show. However, last week we had an extra special treat. New From Nashville was on a Friday night and our performers were Maddie & Tae, who have been popping up everywhere on TV, radio and across the Internet thanks to the popularity of their single "Girl in a Country Song" and its hysterical music video.

Watch the video for "Girl in a Country Song" by Maddie & Tae

The ladies put on a great show to a packed audience. They had us laughing at their stories, and shocked us a bit when they mentioned that they both just graduated high school this past spring.

Although their live performance of "Girl in a Country Song" was a big hit, the crowd seemed to enjoy Maddie & Tae's song "Sierra" just as much. It's a song about the mean girl in school, and is riddled with humor and satire. The ladies explained that people seem to like the song because everyone went to school with a "Sierra."

We are kicking ourselves for not filming them performing this song, but we did find a video of the ladies singing the song at a previous show.

Watch Maddie & Tae perform "Sierra"

We took lots of pictures throughout the night, in addition to all the meet and greet pictures we snapped for all the fans. Check them all out in the slideshow below.

(Photos by Jordan Dawson and Jenny Harding)

(Photos by Jordan Dawson and Jenny Harding)