We all love to sing out loud in the car. We don't even care if we get the words right, we just want to sing. There are certain songs that you sing that you think you know the words to but really don't have a clue. There are many titles like this through the years. I remember the rock song "Blinded By The Light" with the lyrics "revved up like a deuce a loner roner in the night". I know those are wrong but it was what I sang.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day and the lady was saying that her daughter was listening to Little Big Town's hit "Tornado" and was singing "I'm A Tomato". I couldn't stop laughing. I know one of the recent hits people mess up is Jason Aldean's "1994". There is a line in the chorus that goes "a night to remember and a ????". I always sing "busted goose" but it is "a fifth of goose". Sometimes it is good to know what you are singing but then again, let the bad lyrics fly and share them with me. What do you always sing wrong?