Fort Collins is a "Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community," and that's really something to be proud of.  But with so many people riding bikes everywhere, theft is bound to be a problem; and unfortunately, it's a big problem in Fort Collins.

Several high-end, expensive bikes were recently recovered from a house in Fort Collins.  The house is suspected as being a "chop house;" that is, a place where people dismantle stolen bikes for their parts.

Fort Collins police officers said Friday the chop shop operators they busted were taking apart bikes and reassembling them with different parts, making them harder for their rightful owners to recover.

The discovery of this chop shop has shed new light on the bike theft problem in Fort Collins.  For example, according to the Coloradoan, 163 bikes have been reported stolen this year, and only 20 have been returned to their rightful owners.

So if you depend on your bike to get around, make sure to lock it up, and try not to leave it unattended in a public place for too long.  Otherwise, you might find yourself stranded!