Loveland Colorado will celebrate a part of its history on Saturday with the annual Cherry Pie Celebration! Get more on Loveland's cherry history and the activities for the celebration- inside!


Saturday July 20th Lovelanders will come together for Loveland Museum/Gallery's annual Cherry Pie Celebration!

The event will be at Peters Park, right next to the museum/gallery from 5pm-8pm.  You'll be able to buy pie by the slice, ice cream, and drinks.  They will also have kids activities, historical displays and live music from Barrelhouse and Shawn Waggoner & The Tumbleweeds.

It's all to celebrate Loveland's history with the cherry. Back in the '40s and '50s, Loveland was a hot spot for cherries- there were 10,000 acres of cherries with hundreds of trees occupying the area now known as Orchard's Shopping Center.  It was a million dollar industry- the cherries were harvested factories in Loveland (Kuner-Empson/Loveland Canning/Cherry Products Corp.)

Even as a kid in the '70s, after the cherry industry had dwindled, I remember all the cherry stands along highway 34 just outside of town on the way to Estes Park (they used to sell 80-100 pies a day back in the heyday).  One of those stands still remains-  The Colorado Cherry Company is one of the sponsors of Loveland's Cherry Pie Celebration!

What would the Cherry Pie Celebration be, without a good old fashioned bake-off! This year, featuring a special guest-judge:  Georgia Doty Hultquist- who was the Cherry Pie Festival Queen in 1947!

The 'Art of the Tart' Cherry Pie Contest!

  • Two categories – Adult & Student (under 18)
  • Pies must be received at the contest table by 4:30 pm
  • Category winners will be announced at 6:30 pm
  • Pies judged on crust, filling texture, taste and overall appearance
  • Commercially baked pies are not allowed
  • All pies must be prepared within 24 hours of the 4:30 pm deadline

Good Luck!

We'll see you in downtown Loveland this afternoon!  Get all the information with Loveland/Museum Gallery!