He hasn't even been in this world for 4 years yet my grandson Zander teaches me more than any person in this world. Every day I learn a little more about how to be a better person from him. Here are some of the lessons I have learned.

>Laughter is the greatest thing to share.
>That words can really hurt so be careful with them and the tone you use.
>That I can be a selfish jerk who needs to just stop for a few minutes and give some of me to him. I give people I don't care about a lot of my time and energy and he deserves at least as much as I give those I don't love.
>To listen and be patient.
>I'm not nearly as smart as I think I am.
>The wonderful feeling of being wanted.
>How great a hug feels.
>It doesn't take much to be hero to a child. They love us and think more of us than we deserve.
>A child is the best listener. Try telling your troubles to a child and you will hear how insignificant it all really is.
>The joy of sharing. Even if he only has 2 fun fruits left, he will always offer me one.
>How to love a pet. He and his dog are the best of friends. What a gift.
>That being called "childish" is actually a compliment.
>How to forgive. Children do not know how to hold a grudge.
>There is never a bad time to sing and dance.
>Your imagination is a priceless toy. We can make a whole day of fun out of 2 cars and a stick.

Thank you Zander. Papa loves you and can't wait to come home and learn some more.