For three weeks Lady Antebellum has been taking video submissions for a contest- 'Own The Prom Night'- where the winning school would have Lady A playing at their prom!

Today, they announced the winning school.   A high school in a town recently shattered by Mother Nature.

Get the details and see the winning submission!

On Friday March 2nd, tornados ripped through Indiana, including the small town of Henryville. School was just letting out and the kids were getting on the buses to go home.

From The Huffington Post:

There was no time to follow the preferred safety plan and herd students off the bus and inside the school. Instead, an assistant principal signaled drivers to go, setting off a desperate race to beat the tornado that was just minutes from slamming into the town and destroying a large part of the school.

Here's some amateur footage from Henryville that day:

The EF-4 tornado destroyed the town's only high school- Henryville High School- home of the Hornets.  As the town began putting itself back together, the prom committe was committed to making sure that the Hornets' prom would still take place. 

About that time is when Lady Antebellum's 'Own The Prom Night' contest began. 

Hundreds of entries from across the country were submitted for the contest, including many schools who submitted ON BEHALF of Henryville High School. One of those videos, from Sliver Creek High School (a nearby high school), ended up being the winning submission:

Here's Lady A congratulating Henryville with footage from the submitted video:

Though Lady A will indeed be unavailable for the April 28th scheduled prom, they have made arrangements to perform in May, for the prom and for a community celebration.

Get the details from Lady A's website!