If you weren't able to head to Cheyenne Frontier Days last night to see Kenny Chesney, don't worry.  Tickets were a hot commodity and everyone wanted a pair, but we have your inside look into the show from our best resource-- Kenny's amazing fans!

When a show featuring the 'No Shoes Nation' man himself rolls into town, you know his fans are going to be posting on social media all night, but we did you a solid and sifted through the best Instagrams from Wednesday night of Cheyenne Frontier Days so that you don't have to.

1.  That Kenny Point Though.

Maybe this was during one of Kenny's more emotional songs-- with those blue lights, this is a sweet photo!

2. A Kenny Lookalike Fooled Everyone.

According to our sister station up in Cheyenne, a Kenny Chesney lookalike walked around and offered to take photos with fans.  It looks like the guy above ran into him!

3. Kenny Got Up Close and Personal

Looks like this person had the best seat in the house!

4. Hmmm...real or not real?

You decide after reading Cheyenne's article...is this the real Kenny or an impersonator?

5. The Stage is Huge!

The Cheyenne Frontier Days mobile stage is huge-- and brand new.

6. Cause of Death: Kenny Overdose.

7. Kenny's Guitar is Awesome Too.

Who doesn't love an all-black guitar?

8. The Crowd Can Be Pretty Breathtaking.

Look at all the people at this show!  Wow!

9. Kenny's Fans Are the Best.

We saw a ton of fans with this similar flag-- what a cool way to show your support for Kenny.  We hope he gave you a shoutout from the stage!

10. We're So Glad Kenny Came By.

Kenny's show was amazing, and we're so glad that everyone had an awesome time.  These Instagrams only scratch the surface of how fun it must've been-- hopefullly he rolls through town again soon!