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Kemmerer, Wyoming was started as a coal mining town in 1897. A number of smaller towns cropped up in the area to support coal mines. When the coal dried up, so did the towns. Now a number of ghost towns can be found in the area. We visited the ghost town of Sublet one afternoon.

The jail is the only building that is somewhat intact. Most of the rest of the buildings have been reduced to foundations. It was fun to imagine what the town was like when it was a thriving mining community in the early 20th century.

According to local historian Scott Erickson:

The Last coal was mined in Sublet in 1927. The Gomer mine opened in the mouth of the canyon around that time. Gomer has also become a ghost town.

Sublet received power from a Kemmerer coal electric plant in Frontier, Wyoming. The town was a company town owned by Kemmerer Coal.

Sublet got its post office in 1908, before Lincoln County existed. It was Uinta county back then.