Yep I said it, been saying it for sometime, if you are a K99 Country Club member, there's more involved that me just saying happy birthday on the radio. As a K99 Country Club member you get to know thing's before Non-K99 Country Club members, you have special privileges.

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So the K99 Country Club is Easy as making Toast, come on that's pretty easy, especially if you have a toaster. :) Here are the basics of becoming a K99 Country Club member....

Welcome to the Country Club!

K99′s Country Club is your ticket to top notch prizes and other exclusive benefits reserved exclusively for our loyal fans; best of all it’s 100% FREE!

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s simple to register and we will never distribute the information you entrust us with to anyone; guaranteed.

Here is a quick look at how the Country Club works and the benefits of joining in the fun online with K99!

What kind of benefits? I'm glad that you asked, a chance to buy concert tickets before non-K99 Country Club members, when you play along with listen and win games throughout the day you are eligible for instant prizes and load up on points that you can use for a wide variety of things. you get a newsletter to recap the week and give you a heads up with what is happening and what great things you'll be involved with and prizes that are up for grabs. Like casino games? We have them and as a K99 Country Club member you can play. You can share your opinion, listen to online radio and win prizes just for doing that, play trivia and so much more-really cool to be a K99 Country Club member.

We have an announcement tomorrow that will blow your socks off, but I can't tell you unless you're a K99 Country Club member, you can even buy tickets today before the rest of the group even knows what's going on. See, K99 Country Club members have privileges.

Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of being a K99 Country Club member