There are new albums released every week. One of my favorite things to do is get a new CD and discover something I have never heard before and fall in love with it. I have found a new musical treat that I can't get enough of, the debut release from Jon Pardi "Write You A Song". This may be the first real "country" album we have heard all year. When you hear Jon sing there is no doubt that country radio is the only place you will this voice. You will never hear Jon on an adult contemporary or rock station. He is country as a tater.

I knew Jon from his hits "Missin' You Crazy" and "Up All Night" but found that those are just 2 of 11 killer tunes on this disc. You can smell the sawdust and whiskey when you listen. He has the country twang of Hank with those sawing fiddles and stomping beats. It is so classic it sounds brand new. This guy combines and old country vibe with a party driven beat that is just irresistible. I challenge you  to try to sit still when you hear the two-step of "Happens All The Time" or "Trash a Hotel Room". This disc has not left my player since I put it in. Pick up a copy and hear for yourself. Better yet...get your tickets to the Good Morning Guys Habajeeba Show and you will see Jon live on stage. He is one of the great acts performing on the 31st at the UCCC in Greeley. See you there.

Check out "Happens All The Time"

Here Is "Trash A Hotel Room"

Time to stay "Up All Night"