Jerrod Niemann just released his latest CD "High Noon" on Tuesday and I have listened to it every day since it came out. I love this album. This the record I have been waiting for him to make to since his killer debut. His second CD "Free The Music" was good but didn't live up to the high standard set on his debut, "High Noon" is the disc I was expecting. This is full of great music of all kinds but the party feel runs from cut 1 to 13.

The hit "Drink To That All Night" is on here but so are 12 other potential smashes. There is the infectious groove of "Come On, Come On" that gets in your brain and won't leave. The song "Lucky #7" has the great lyric "how could a seven end up with an eleven". Very cool. "The Real Thing" has an almost 50's doo wop feel to it. It takes you back to another era. "Beach Baby" and "Refill" keep the party theme going but the song that will grab you by the ears is "Donkey". I am not sure if this is the best or worst thing I have heard, all I know is I can't get enough of it. This will be the "Red Solo Cup" or "Save A Horse...." of the summer.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Jerrod's new CD "High Noon" and get ready to enjoy the party record of the summer.

Check out "Donkey" here.