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Word has it, Jason is thinking about taking on some acting-- get the details!

From Taste Of Country.com today--

"But he isn’t looking to take just any part. As he put it, “I’m very particular about the kind of music that I record and sing, and it would be the same way about the kind of movies that I would do.”

And one major no-no, apparently, is love scenes: “That’s Mama’s rule right there. But also, it’s not something that I would do anyway … I don’t want my kids to see that and be confused. It seems like every time I get a video treatment, for some reason, it’s got me hooking up with some girl and I’m like, ‘Damn, y’all gotta get somebody else to do that.’”

I can see Jason getting into acting--- he has that "IT" factor all those Hollywood big-wigs talk about...

But it lead me to thinking about how he'd stack up to other Country singers who also act.

Let's take a look at a few!

Tim McGraw is certainly the stand-out at the moment- he's had roles in several movies

The Blind side


Then there's Trace Adkins fresh off of playing "Eddie".....

The Lincoln lawyer


I wouldn't call this guy an award candidate, but he's had a few good video where's he's acted- and he's had a couple of movies on CMT- Toby Keith:

Broken bridges


There are others-- but you'd be crazy NOT  to include Country stars turned actors if you failed to mention----

Garth when he 'acted' like a whole other singer-- "Chris Gaines"!!

So, some are better than others, but you have to give them credit for trying!

Get more on Jason's acting career from TasteOfCountry.com.

Which singers as actors do you like?