April is National Volunteer Month! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join my co-workers at Townsquare Media in volunteering at the Weld Food Bank.  It was really cool.  Over the past 25 years I have literally volunteered to host or be a part of hundreds of events in Northern Colorado, but this was different!

This was rolling up your sleeves and really doing some work.  We busted our backsides. That being said, It was fun. It was a great team building exercise.    Our job was to sort food that had been been donated and place it in boxes of like items.  We sorted and boxed 3 very large baskets of canned food and 1 large basket of dry Food in about 2 hours. As a group, we felt like we really accomplished something. What an awesome feeling! Our Townsquare Media team is doing it again this week. I can't wait.

You can volunteer too. (Especially during National Volunteer Month) If you would like to volunteer at the Weld Food Bank or sign up for an orientation call Sarah Bray, at 970-356-2199 x307.

If you want to something for your community, it doesn't have to be at the Food Bank.  There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Northern Colorado. For other volunteer opportunities available in our community, a good place to start is The Colorado Volunteer Center Network.

I snapped a few pics of our volunteer experience at the Weld Food Bank. Check it out.