Today is a special day that I know many of my friends will be celebrating. It is National Beer Day. The state of Colorado is world renowned for it's love of and creation of delicious brews. People come from all over the world to taste what our brewers are able to create here in the Rocky Mountains.

I am not a drinker and do not drink beer or any alcohol but I sure used to. I used to love an ice cold beer and my favorite way to drink one was out of a frosty mug that had been chilling in the freezer. I used to love to pull that mug out and slowly pour a beer in and watch the ice form around the mug and create a beautiful vision of delicious refreshment. I have some relatives who prefer a cold can and some who love a long neck bottle. I also have relatives who just don't care and would drink it out of a baggie or funnel. How about you? How do you like your beer?

Check out a little drinking music from Toby Keith, and the original from Roger Miller with help from John Denver and Glen Campbell. Very cool. Chug a Lug!!