One of the endless list of fun things I do on my to sort cows. The cattle are wily and really know how to play. My now 24-year-old mare, Lily, and I can brag about winning a few competitions and my favorite memory dates back ten years.

Susan Moore

My friend Cintia and her quarter horse Banjo, our friend Roger and his horse John (with their combined ages over 100 years), and my little Arabian Lily and I went to Green River, Wy. for a team penning event. We were pretty good, having learned and practiced with Dave Wolfe and his family in Wellington.

The Wyoming cowboys actually laughed and made fun of our team from Colorado. Many of them work cattle daily on their ranches in our neighboring state. But once we made our first run and KICKED it...they were humbled by our rather unusual group. You see in these timed events it is so important to feel and listen to your horse and your teammates.

I tell you this because I still love to go to Dave Wolfes events .  

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo is also this weekend in Denver.  Whitney Applegate and her crew from Colorado Horse Rescue Network will be competing on several of the rescued horses that they have rehabbed. She was in to chat with us and you can get more on that by clicking HERE.

Now if you just want to hang at the barn with your horse or go for a ride it will be a sunny breezy weekend with high temperatures near 60...and MAYBE a shower...see you on the trail!