I know we, as a nation, are trying harder to be sensitive to others beliefs and feelings. We work on being politically correct and be inclusive to all. We work on race relations, sexism, sexual preference acceptance, respecting our elders and those with mental and physical challenges but there is one group that I still feel is wrongly made fun of way too often. I am speaking of those of us who battle with our weight. I wrote about this years ago but I think it needs to be addressed again.

I am here to speak for the overweight population. Why do people feel it is okay to call people fat or chubby or make fun of them because of their weight?

I know for many it is because you feel it is something we can just get rid of if we were strong enough. I am here to tell you that your words hurt and do more damage than you could ever know. Do you make fun of people who lisp or stutter or limp? Why do you feel you need to comment on my weight. I can make fun of me because it is a self defense mechanism to fend you off from making comments.

Studies have shown that if you make fun of overweight people they are twice as likely to still be overweight four years later. You make them feel defeated. I may have worked hard to lose 20 lbs and then someone will make a fat joke and you wonder why you tried so hard when they still make fun of you. Words hurt. Next time you are about to make a comment like “looks like you haven’t missed a meal” or some other snide weight related comment, stop for a minute and eat your words. It is like the old saying goes…if you have nothing nice to say about someone then say nothing.