Maybe you are on the hunt for a new job and sending out resumes by email and applying to jobs online again, with your email. Wait, is your email address job worthy?

As the Denver Channel reported, if you were hiring someone would you really be inclined to respond to sexxyazz82@ or buffdude315@?

My guess is probably not.

New research shows that is really not a good first impression. I also think that is a little bit of common sense too.

Anymore, most employers will check out your online profile such as Facebook, Twitter and others before hiring you.

What if you are applying for a media company and that is your email address, what do you think that employer is going to think about how you will represent the company electronically?

Here are some suggestions for good work email addresses:





I am sure you get the idea. Be smart with your email address, it could cost you the job of your life.