Sam has been a part of my family for 11.5 years, I really couldn't imagine life without him as he has just been a part of us for so long. How do you feel about your dog/pet?

D Dennison

Sam is one of those dogs that is full of energy, he can jump waist high and is always happy to see you. He loves to pet himself on your foot when you are sitting in a chair near him. Sam likes to play with his squeaky toy, but rarely let's you touch it. He will throw it up in the air and run around it and if you're lucky, he might drop it at your feet once or twice.

Sam will play outside as long as you let him, but won't stick his nose up in the air if you invite him to watch tv with you. He does have a bedtime though, kind of like with the kids when they were little, I always made a big deal of bedtime, now 11 years later if he isn't settled in for the night by 10 (at THE latest) he paces the house and is visibly upset with you.

Sam likes to eat dry dog food and the once in awhile piece of cheese, what kind, well.. he isn't picky. And he loves to do tricks for treats, we never really learned how to teach him how to roll over, but he will sit, jump and lay down, plus he always has a kiss for anyone willing to accept one.

I lost Sam for awhile this morning and was very sad. The wind had broken the gate latch and I hadn't noticed. He finally came home on his own, like nothing ever happened of course... wagging his tail, smiling at me like to say "Hi Mom, what's up, you look concerned" ... ha ha ha

Our Sam is a member of the family, his presence is comfortable as I hope ours is to him. Is your pet part of the family or just another chore? (don't get mad at that question, there are plenty that have pets just to have them and they never incorporate them into their day to day lives)

I'd love to hear about your dog/pet... start talking! :)