Can you guess what one of the most frequently stolen cars are? Is it yours?

So when you think about the most stolen car in the U.S., seriously what comes to mind... think about it for a minute, no, don't Google it... first thing that comes to your mind!

Well, cheating or not it IS the Honda Accord. Not just this year for the last four years running. The Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle. Apparently the vehicles popularity and lack of security features makes it a hot item, in more ways than one.

Last year, 7,596 Accords from the 1994 model year were stolen, according the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The 1998 Honda Civic was the second most-stolen car, the trade group said today in a statement. It was the seventh straight year that the top two spots were filled by cars from the Tokyo-based manufacturer.

According to the same article from Bloomberg, 2006 full sized Ford pick-ups were the third most stolen vehicles last year. The report adds that this is the first time that a truck made the list since its inception back in 2000.

Nationally the theft of vehicles in general are down 3.3% over last year.