Country music, like all music, evolves. Change can be a great thing. It keeps things fresh. Sometimes things change too much for some folks though and it can be a bit much. Right now one of the trends in country music is blending some rap into a country song.

Colt Ford has made a career of it and is very popular. There is even a new TV show call Big Smo about a country rapper. Big name acts like Florida Georgia Line have worked with Nelly, Jerrod Niemann has a remix song with Pitbull and there are many more examples. Is it too much? Do you like it or do your like your country rap free?

I remember watching the Garth Brooks Live from the Wynn special when he told this story about Randy Travis. Back in the 80's Randy was bigger than anyone and he even had one of his albums show up on the pop music charts. When he was told about this his response was "well get it off of there". I love it!

Take the poll and let me know. Is there too much rap in your country?