I had never given it much thought till today but now it's a burning question.  How do the majority of people doctor up their hot dogs.


Let's keep this one simple though and just get down to the brass tacks of using only Mustard and/or Ketchup.

I have always been the one who just "runs a rope" down the sides in a line.  Mustard on one side and Ketchup on the other.  It surely can't taste any different.  I guess I never really noticed anyone ever "lacing" their condiment, until today.

Roberto Seay and I were at a remote and during the broadcast, most everyone I saw was lacing their mustard and ketchup vs. just running it down the side in a line.  Just wondered why I had never seen this in public, on a large scale, or maybe I have just never noticed.

So that is today's burning question: