We have been asked numerous times today about the water quality across northern Colorado and we have the answers to your questions regarding the safety of the drinking water after the Colorado floods.


We have been in contact with the Cities of Loveland, Greeley and Fort Collins and have been assured that you and your family are safe.


LOVELAND: There is a no water south of 1st Street between Taft and Hwy 287. The Loveland drinking supply has not been compromised. The lack of water in this area is due to a broken water main/pipe. Crews are working as quickly as possible to restore water to the affected area. In regards to the rumor of a boiling water order, this is not true. THE DRINKING WATER IN LOVELAND IS SAFE TO DRINK. Also, the City of Loveland wants to assure its residents that the Water Treatment Plant and the Waste Water Treatment Plant are fully operational.

FORT COLLINS: In a press release from the City of Fort Collins today we were told that all drinking water is pulled from the Horsetooth Reservoir and that the water is safe. THE DRINKING WATER IN FORT COLLINS IS SAFE TO DRINK. The City of Fort Collins does warn against playing in or drinking flood water.

GREELEY: The Greeley Water department says that they have been battling a nasty rumor since the rains and flooding concerning their drinking water supply. The drinking water in Greeley is NOT contaminated and that there is NOT a boiling order in place. THE DRINKING WATER IN GREELEY IS SAFE TO DRINK.