Brian Gary and I have both battled being overweight most of our adult lives, so has New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  We both understand how tough it is to be in the public eye when you don't fit society's definition of what you are "supposed" to look like.  That is why I was a little miffed when one of the top stories on the evening this week was how fat the Governor is. 

A White House doctor was telling some reporter that Governor Christie could die in office because he is so overweight.  The Governor responded very angrily and rightfully so.  Here is his reaction:

The governor was recently interviewed by Barbara Walters. She had the audacity to ask him if he was too fat to be president.  I liked his answer. You can see it here:

What do you think?

The good news is he has a sense of humor about it. Governor Christie appears on the David Letterman Show and they joked about his weight.