When tragedy strikes, and those of us here in Northern Colorado have seen a lot of natural disaster (there is no quantifying so don't go down the path but this or that is worse or less) Loss in any manner is just that loss and we feel the need to help, you can, here's how. I have talked to many people today that wish they could just get in their cars and head to Oklahoma and help. The next best thing is to gather your positive energy and if you pray send prayers, it isn't safe for you to go and if you're not with an organization authorized in the area, you can't go in anyway. The next best thing is to turn your helping efforts towards moving forward. Let's build tomorrow today with donations of whatever they may need. The American Red Cross is a powerhouse in times of disaster. They have a plan, a strong force and a desire to engage with whatever might they have and need to help families in these times.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with all those impacted by these horrific tornadoes,” said Trevor Riggen, vice president of Disaster Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross. “Specialized Red Cross disaster teams are helping now and will be helping for weeks to come as people in Oklahoma recover from these storms.”

There are many organizations that are set to assist the families in Oklahoma including The Salvation Army, United Way of Central Oklahoma and others including Townsquare Media.

Like a two-mile lawnmower blade a tornado cut through Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon. The storm traveled for 17 miles causing the most damage in Moore. More than 200 people were injured and killing nearly 100 people, 20 of them were children.