What an honor to host the 9th Annual Waltz for the Wolves - Reborn From Ashes on Saturday night at the Ranch.  The W.O.L.F. sanctuary is still recovering from the loss of a number of structures that were destroyed in the High Park Fire.  Without a doubt the high-point of the evening was a visit with the Ambassador Wolves Sasha and Pax.

Another highlight was meeting Loveland sculptor Rosetta. She created the piece you can see below and was even working on it during the gala.  Then someone was able to buy the 1st piece that will be turned into a bronze sculpture. It was one of many items auctioned off by long-time local auctioneer and funny-man Bill Seaworth from Seaworth Auctions.

We also enjoyed some wonderful Asian and/or Mediterranean food and finished the evening getting waltz lesson from The Dancer Guy - Dave Arns.  A big thank you to my wife Jenny for taking all of the photos!