I share everything with you. I feel if I am going through something, others are going through it too. I have had many health issues through my years. I am diabetic, a heart attack victim, I've had a MRSA infection and much much more. Right now I am battling something that is rather new to me. I am having frequent, big time panic attacks.

I have had it happen several times where I pull into the store parking lot and just can't get myself out of the car to go in. I then get mad at me for being such a freak and head home. I have had these happen more and more often. Some nights I will lay in bed and feel like the world in closing in on me and I need to get out. I will sit up all night afraid to fall asleep for fear I won't wake up.

The most recent bad attack happened on Super Bowl Sunday. About an hour before kick off I felt this odd sensation. I got foggy in the head and just couldn't focus. I became panicked and felt the need to escape. I had to keep going outside and just breathe. My daughter was asking if we needed to go to the hospital. I said to just sit there with me and watch me. I used one of my emergency panic pills and let it dissolve under my tongue and waited. It took a few minutes but it eventually kicked in and mellowed me out. I could breathe again. I know this surprises many people because I work in the public and you would think that panic attacks would not be something I live with...but I do.

If you are one who experiences this, please see someone. There are medicines that can help you. I am living proof. I ain't crazy but I have some issues that I need help with medically. There are many of us silent sufferers out there. There isn't always visual proof of a malady so cut everyone some slack and just be kind and understanding. I will overcome this or learn to live with it. If you are feeling this way, you can talk to me. I am here and know how you feel.