I love to pamper me, I budget pampering I love it so much. But one of my most loved things to do, I almost never do for myself, if I were to be pampered for one whole day I would start with a great breakfast, likely Egg's Benedict (my favorite-just the classic style please) then I would head to the spa, the kind that have water and snacks out with robes and enchanting music. I would get a facial and a 2 hour massage with special attention to my feet and head. In between the spa treatments a like lunch of fruit and finger sandwiches (not real fingers, those little sandwiches that you can eat in two bites) Then I would take a long steam bath, shower and dress for dinner (yes there is eating in my pampering day). What would you do with a whole day of pampering?

D Dennison-TSM

Seriously, pretend you have the whole day just for you, what do you do to pamper yourself. Take my poll now, please