All I can say after seeing a new article from is thank goodness the Denver Broncos aren't required to fill their roster with guys who are from the area. We would have to say bye to Peyton and the boys, and hello to Matt Hasselbeck and a whole bunch of other mediocre players. 

The article shows what each NFL team would look like if players just played for the teams in their home states, or states within the region.

The Broncos actually have one of the bigger regions on the map to pick from with all of Colorado and Wyoming, and parts of the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska. However, bigger doesn't always mean better...

Matt Hasselbeck – Boulder, CO
Danny Woodhead – North Platte, NE
Vincent Jackson – Colorado Springs, CO
Drew Davis – Denver, CO
Alex Smith – Denver, CO
Erik Pears – Price, UT
Nate Solder – Denver, CO
Reed Doughty – Greeley, CO
Paul Kruger – Rexburg, ID
Stewart Bradley – Salt Lake City, UT
Calais Campbell – Denver, CO
Brett Keisel – Provo, UT

By the way, the contenders look like they'd be the 49ers, Saints, and Texans. See all the teams here.