The more I live the more I see what is around me. No, I'm not going swamp deep with this, I just wanted to point out that as a 20 or even 30 something I didn't pay much attention to the primary portions of politics. Maybe I do now because its that or my creaking bones and creaking bones just sounds old.

In a seemingly stagnate economy and failing finger pointing its hard to make heads or tails of how our government is run. There have been visions of hope and an awakening that the land of the free is getting quite expensive.

But when that is all said and done we move forward and try together, as the great team of America to win this game of life with dignity and pride. Until we find our Tebow of politics let's make a difference this election.

For fun I have created a poll about the New Hampshire primary, play along and let's smile awhile and be jolly.