We Walk Around Thinking That We Have It All Figured Out And Then Along Comes Something We  Didn't Quite Expect, That's What I Call This New Song By, Who? The Band Perry! At First Listen, I Wasn't A Huge Fan. In My Life, I Have Seen More Than My Share Of Death, So When A Song That Is Seemingly About Death, Well, It Doesn't Quite Catch My Attention... Initially. Then I Look Around And I See That This Song, By A Somewhat Unknown Band, Is Climbing The Charts, But More Importantly, It's Showing Up In My Life In Far Too Many Area's To Ignore. I Received A Text From An Old Friend, A Forward About Friendship, Attached To The Text Is A Familiar Song, If I Die Young. While I am Reviewing The Text And The Song Is Playing, My 16 Year Old Daughter Says I Love That Song, Can You Forward It To Me. I Then See It Pop Up In Two Different Facebook Entries. Okay, So Maybe I Am A Bit Slow, Perhaps I Have Not Paid Enough Attention To This Song, So, I Start Exploring Where It Came From And Once And For All Answer My Question, Who Is The Band Perry! Number One Thing That I Find Out Is That The Band Perry Has A Common "Friend", So He Is Only A Common Friend Because I Met His Wife At Cheyenne Frontier Days A Few Years Ago, But My Interest Was Definitely Peeked. It Seems That The Band Perry Was Discovered By Garth Brooks Manager, Bob Doyle.

In 2008, The Band Perry was discovered by Garth Brooks' manager Bob Doyle, who helped them make recordings. These recordings were then sent to Scott Borchetta, head of the newly-established Republic Nashville label. The band signed to Republic Nashville in August 2009.

It's No Secret, I Love Garth Brooks And Can't Wait Till Those Kids Of His Graduate, So That I May Finally Get To Meet Him. With That Said, Of Course Now The Band Perry Has My Full Attention, So I Look Deeper Into The "Death" Song And Find Out... It's Actually About Life. The Band Perry Is A Trio Band Of Siblings, Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry And They Are Full Of Life, Hope And Dreams. The Song 'If I Die Young' Was Written By The Trio And Has The Most Simple Meaning... If I Die Young, I Have Lived And I Am Content!

I Know More About This Song And These Young People Than I Have Taken The Time To Know Any Music Or Musician(s) In A Long Time, Please Give Yourself A Gift And Get To Know Them.