Live and die happily in this life and thank a serviceman/woman.

Politics may cloud your vision from time to time, but at the end of the day, we are united and safe because of the proud, the few and the brave.

It's no secret that I cry during the National Anthem. And I would guess that it isn't much of a surprise that I love my country. The sight of a flag waving in the wind makes me proud. I hear 'God Bless the U.S.A' on K99 and I quietly in my car thank the man upstairs to be living in such a great land.

I have debates with my James quite often about the state of the country and I love it. I don't usually win, I typically surrender, but I love that I can talk so freely about what I believe. I am grateful for my freedoms. I am grateful for the men and women that give up so much so that I can have a simple debate with my husband. Obviously there are so many other freedoms I enjoy, like driving a car, having a public schooling system for my children, eating at restaurants and being in control of me, etc... Most freedoms, if the ones I've listed sound pretty simple or really just that, simple. We often forget how much even the simple things in life are protected freedoms.

This Monday bow to our servicemen and women is stemmed from a movie I saw this weekend. My James and I went to see 'Act of Valor'. A film starring actual active Navy Seals. Between you, me and the fencepost the acting in some scenes was a bit less than stellar, but that is easily forgotten when you remember that they are real servicemen working day to day to keep us safe. Our safety is so fragile and I am pretty sure that there are many more efforts behind the scenes protecting us than we really ever know. One thing that was said during the movie felt real and I am sure it quite possibly is...

"If You're Not Willing to Lose Everything, You've Already Lost"

Here's one of the official movie trailers;

Loyalty and Honor, you can't beat that. And if you didn't hear me loudly enough, THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY SERVICEMAN AND WOMAN! (and your families, I am well aware of the sacrifices you too make for me and my family)

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