When I was younger, I remember being bigger than my friends and complaining all the time about being fat. (mind you that didn't keep me from a bag of Doritos and bean dip)

D Dennison-TSM

See what I'm saying? I thought that I was fat, I was embarrassed and wished that I was skinny. Proof right there that kids are silly when it comes to their own body image, right? I can't remember a time in my adult life where I was this "fat"! (well, at least not since my first child) I was about 16 in this picture and a junior, not really sure exactly, just know that I am not 16 anymore nor am I in high school.

I am sure that there is a Confucius saying somewhere in here or at the very least a George Takei saying.   I do know, well not know, but know a female country singer that sang a song that doesn't really fit here, but for some reason I was drawn to it while thinking about this, so I wanted to share it.

It's Barbara Mandrell from 1979... 'If Loving You is Wrong'. We can change it up 'If that's being fat, I don't wanna be skinny' Oh come on, laugh with me now! Carry on and have a great day. (can you tell how much gas was?)