It seems this is an oxymoron in the making, just think about it, I texted your land line. Who would have thought that I would start such a commotion by saying that to my brother in-law, but wait till you hear some of the comments that he got by ratting me out.  Oh and by the way, if you do text a land line, you'll get an error message that tells you that you are a dummy and it's a land line.


So my brother in-law thought that it would be funny to post about my comment on his Facebook page and boy have some folks had fun with that.

My sister in law,  used a word today that I couldn't recall the definition of. Even Wikipedia didn't have it listed. It wasn't until I dug through some old boxes in our attic, and dusted off an old Webster's dictionary, who'se pages were yellow with age and the pages brittle, was a able to find the definition. "Land-line." I mean, really? That is so 1997! lol

AND THIS IS WHAT SOME FOLKS HAD TO SAY: (oh wait, is folks so 1997?)

  • so what would you term VOIP that comes in over your cable line?
  • I still pay bills with a paper check.
  • Land line? Isn't that when you fish from the beach?
  • Let's not forget black and white tv with rabbit ears and having to change the tv channel by hand
  • How about party lines.. and the rotor control for the roof antenna..
  • And having to boil water on the stove, walk home from school and hand write our school papers

You go ahead and laugh at me about times gone by, seems everyone else did. :)