I have always shared everything with you, sometimes more than you care to know, but that is the way I am. I like to be honest with you so we have an open honest relationship. I have to share something with you today that I need your help and support with. Lately I have felt like I am on the edge of having another heart attack.

I tend to get into this feeling that I am ten feet tall and bulletproof and forget that I am actually a 5'10" overweight, diabetic, heart attack victim who needs to take care of himself. I have been feeling the symptoms lately. I have been fatigued and felt pain in my chest on the left side occasionally. I have had a tingle go down my left arm and have had intense anxiety. For the last few weeks I have had trouble sleeping because I am afraid I won't wake up. I have trouble breathing when I lay down to sleep, thinking I am not getting enough oxygen, then I start to freak out and feel like the whole world in closing in on me and I have to get up and walk around so I don't feel so closed in. I have had to wake my wife and make her sit with me because I am afraid I am going to stop breathing. I am lucky she puts up with it but I need it to stop. I need to listen to the warning signs now. I am fortunate that I have been given a wake up call and I am going to listen.I had a heart attack several years ago and do not want another one.

I have made an appointment with my doctor next week. I hate going to the doctor but I have had too many signs telling me I need to go. I have so much to live for and want to be here to see it all. Yesterday I woke up from my nap and found my grandson at my bedside saying "hi paw paw, I love you so much." I want years and years of that. I have wonderful coworkers like Todd and Susan who count on me as well and I need to take care of myself so we can do what we do.

I am sharing this with you for a couple of reasons. I need your help. I have some things I need to improve in my life and how I live it. I need you to send some strength my way so I stay strong in my resolve. I don't need to be nagged but I need support. I know I can count on you. The other reason for sharing this is that maybe you are having some warning signs or wake up calls of your own that you have been ignoring. Is it time for you to listen too? Is there something you have been neglecting that needs to be attended to today? We only get one chance at this life and no one is going to hold your life until you are ready to use it. Today I am claiming my life and choosing to live it. I am going to get checked out and make sure I have many more years to share with you whether you like it or not.