My James constantly jokes with me that one day they will create a device where I can actually talk to live people on the other end rather than send a 21st Century Mores Code. I know, he missed his calling, he should have been a comedian. 


I guess I am in the minority when it comes to what I do on my phone. I check emails, text, once in a while talk on it, update my social media accounts and see what everyone else is up to, play games, deposit checks, transfer money even pay bills. But according to a study on cell phone use, specifically internet use between kids and adults the kids are reigning champions.

The study finds that although 93 percent of teens have access to a computer at home, 25 percent reach for their smartphone as their primary online vehicle, whereas only 15 percent of adults use their wireless devices as their first choice for online viewing. Not surprisingly, while accessing the Internet with their smartphones, teens and adults exhibit very different behavior patterns.

Here's a surprise, more adults however are using Facebook on their phones than the kiddos, primarily though, because we've invaded their space. The teens are leaning towards Instagram and Snapchat more than the widely adult friendly Facebook. (Great, now I can see a kids FB and an adults FB)