I hear and read endless commentary complaining about our crop of presidential candidates. I hear a huge percentage of people saying that neither one is worth a hoot and are wishing for another choice. I think we need to realize that the candidates aren't the problem...we are.

Our world has changed into an angry, less understanding and less tolerant place. We feel we have to voice our opinion about everything and feel we need to make others believe what we believe because only one of us can be right and of course, WE are the ones that are right.

With the way this world is now, with all the social media, not many want the job anymore. We are so verbally cruel to our leaders now it is just awful. I have never seen our leaders so poorly treated in the public world by the public word. People are just wicked. We are so intent on ripping people down and that is the vibe of our nation. Why would our politics be any different? It is a reflection on us as a people. Maybe if we quit ripping apart every single person who runs for office, some likable people would run. We have scared away every person in their right mind and this is what we have left to choose from. Who would want to put themselves through the public beatdown of running for office anymore? You used to at least get a bit of respect for holding an office but now you are just a pinata to be beaten daily by the words and opinions of every one with a computer and the ability to type.

Until we change the way we attack and our leaders and candidates, this is about as good as we can expect it to get. We need to change and maybe some rational humans will once again want to lead and represent us.