I have a lot of geek friends who just love eating Cheetos and playing video games all day. As for me, I like to play Madden when it first comes out each year, but that is about the extent of my video game geekiness. However, this life-sized video game that uses real people as the players sounds really cool! 

Brian Corrigan from Denver has created what he calls OhHeckYeah. Basically it's games that allow players to use their body as controllers while playing on the huge LED screens.

OhHeckYeah hits Greeley from 5-10 p.m. tomorrow (August 22) on Greeley’s 9th Street Plaza, and everyone is welcome.

The game coming to Greeley is called “Catchy.” Players take on the persona of characters such as Cherry Chub, Roberto and Ma Ma Mouth and move around to try to catch good things displayed on the screen, like apples, coins and diamonds, while avoiding the bad stuff, like bombs, swords and dirty socks. All that players need is themselves.

This will be the first time the games are leaving their home in Denver where they debuted this summer, and have been met with lines of people wanting to play.