Today is the National Hug Your Dog Day. Make sure your wrap your arms around that furry companion today. I had never owned a dog as a child. It wasn’t until I was married with children that I got my first dog, Sinatra. Sinatra was the greatest friend I have ever had. He has been gone for years now but I would give anything just to hold him one more time. He understood me. He seemed to know if I was sick or sad and would just be beside me. If I was happy, he would smile right along with me. Not a day passes that I am not thankful for the love he shared with me.


I still have my 2 pugs and a min pin mix to hug today. I will go home and let Oprah and Mini snort all over me as I give them a hug. Chevy will bark when I come through the door and stare at me until he realizes I am not an intruder and wag his tail and jump me like Dino did to Fred. Although they can drive me nuts, I am thankful for the unconditional love they give me.

Make sure you let your dog know how much you love them today. Give them a hug and maybe some bacon.